CIB Impulsa

Impulsa is our young talent development programme

The promotion of young talent is at the heart of our commitment. Lifelong learning is our motto for a mutual investment in the future.

For many years, CIB has supported school projects, youth research, study and career orientation campaigns and the acquisition of technical equipment in schools and universities. Since 2015, CIB Group has been represented by new companies in Spain and Portugal – and we are always on the lookout for new professionals and specialists in all fields. Today, CIB 2022 already supports six German schools abroad and thus sets a strong example in the sponsorship programme in promoting young talents who – why not? – could become part of our international teams in the future.

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CIB Impulsa in Spain and Portugal

CIB supports six German schools abroad in Spain and Portugal in 2022 and provides the following services under a cooperation agreement:

CIB Group is the sole sponsor of “Jugend forscht Iberia 2022” competition and will continue to actively support the competition in the future.

Jugend forscht Sponsor 2022

The competition for the scientists of the future!

The competition, which has a long tradition in Germany, has been run for more than 18 years by the “German Schools in Spain and Portugal” to promote the further education of young talents in the MINT subjects (mathematics, information technology, natural sciences and technology) in the natural sciences.

In Germany, the competition is supported by the business community with several million euros; in Spain, “Jugend forscht Iberia” initially received financial support from the German Chamber of Commerce based there. The event has already been held at the German schools in Barcelona, Bilbao, Valencia and Seville, and in 2017 it was organized by the German school in Madrid.


CIB sponsors the MINT (Mathematics, Informatics, Science, Technology) projects for students aged 16 and over at the German School of Las Palmas and the German School of Valencia.

The projects give the students the opportunity to gain new experiences by approaching the subject with enthusiasm and initiative. At the same time, they learn what teamwork means and how planning and executing tasks bring them to their goals.

The CIB is pleased to support these young explorers in their brilliant proposals in the fields of research and technology. During the implementation of their project, students will learn about all phases of the project, from planning to all administrative tasks for their proposal.

Our young scientists were awarded 2nd prize in the “Jugend Forscht Iberia 2017” competition and also received the special award for “Renewable Energies” from the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, presented by the youth jury.

Our goal is that the students of today have more chances to become the great scientists of tomorrow!

What our student interns and their supervisors say


Aroa Benítez

Internship in Munich


Manfred Cabrera

Internship in Munich


Irene Santana

Internship in Las Palmas

Miguel Cuenca

Miguel Cuenca

Internship in Las Palmas

Francisco Manuel

Fco. Manuel Álvarez

Internship in Las Palmas

Sara Beltz

Sara Belz

Internship in Las Palmas

Daniela Esmoris

Daniela Esmoris

Internship in Las Palmas

Julio Rubio

Julio Rubio

Internship in Munich

Ideas Sponsorship

CIB pushes innovative ideas in the fields of research and technologies to support pupils/students/trainees who have discovered challenges in technical fields.

Within an educational system where schooling is largely theoretical, it is important that students have the opportunity to put their projects into action and understand how these projects are realized within a creation process.

In these projects, skills are promoted and at the same time the young people’s teamwork and motivation are strengthened.

Are you a teacher or student at a school, university or vocational training centre and have project ideas related to technology that you would like to implement? Talk to us!

We sponsor you!

You are at least 16 years old

You speak fluent English

Your brilliant idea is looking for a sponsor

Send us your application!